The Time Has Come!

Discussions of life and such from lifelong friends. And such.

Episode 005: Cruel, Cruel Summer


Summer spectacular! Summer movies! Summer jobs! Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime.

In this episode, Keith tells a tale of summer employment that will physically hurt you with laughter, or your money back.

The statute of limitations is expired on Josh’s once upon a summer-crimes and he comes clean on his former Robin-Hood-esque campaign against The Man(TM).  Thrills, chills, action and adventure awaits you for the downloading.

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Episode 004: There is No Grown Up Anywhere


In which Josh and Keith recount their struggles against The Man(tm) and Josh reveals his grand unifying theory of all human interaction. Along the way, they dissect and discuss early 90s faux-rap, Keith’s disappointment  with the new Spider-Man movie and his plans to wed Emma Stone, there’s something approaching grand theft and Josh demonstrates his ability to quote verbatim from ENTER THE DRAGON at great length. A fine time is had by all.

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Episode 003: Drive By Ketchup Attacks and Adventure

in which Josh recounts the fashion vagaries of jew-camp and how he resolved to be a pirate, lives through a terrible 80s movie with no redeeming slow-clap, Keith recounts his time as both hero and villain and the boys come clean about Dungeons and Dragons and the early days of Live Action Roleplaying.


Episode 002: Caught in a Bad Romance

In which Keith looks for love in all the wrong places– including a crappy barbecue joint and a graveyard– and Josh reveals himself as a serial coward. This episode is full of tales of love letters, death defying miracles and shame. Lots and lots of shame. But it all works out in the end.

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