The Time Has Come!

Discussions of life and such from lifelong friends. And such.

Episode 061: Animals Part 2… Sorta

It’s Garbage Day! A time for celebration, and a time for remembrance.

Learn all about Little Boy Keith Field and his adventures in the time before the DumpSTAIR. (Spoilers: It ends in tears, as all stories about Little Boy Keith Field tend to do.) Josh does battle with a Crazy Old Man(TM) and immortalizes him in song, while Keith sees a hidden truth lurking behind the seeming madness. Keith reveals the secret origin and backstory of the mysterious character at the Widget Factory known only as “The Ninja.”

Also this episode! B-movie figure Ray Dennis Steckler’s RAT FINK A BOO BOO, the 1950s sublimation of homoerotic urges in young men’s dimestore adventure paperbacks and how it gave the world the cinematic gem GYMKATA, and ladies in witch hats doing unspeakable things.

And somewhere, somehow… animals!

Episode 060: You Filthy Animals!

Nature red in tooth and claw; the savage and the untamed beasts of the wild… and our desire to make them pets. These are only some of the things talked about in this episode. Learn the stunning saga of Keith Field, Widget-Packer, and his Schindler-like saving of a skulk of foxes from a disturbed co-worker who wished them only ill. Discover the tale of a real life FACE/OFF when a chimp goes ape, and the awful realities of reconstructive surgery.

Also discussed: Turkish ET, Keith’s continued disgust with Josh’s wall of DVDs, and a small boy’s impossible dream to ride a triceratops. And Cecil the Lion! Remember Cecil the Lion? Of course you don’t; you’ve moved on to the thirteenth next bunch of daily outrages.

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Episode 059: We’re Baaaaack

Episode 059 Banner: We're Baaaack

You can’t keep a good podcast down. Or this one, for that matter. Josh and Keith shake off the dust and, like the Blues Brothers before them, get the band back together. Also, much like those selfsame Blues Brothers, it is a mission from god.

Rosaries, heads dashed open on concrete, the ritual destruction of one man’s porn-horde, the disappointments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the death of physical media, the evil of Jared Fogel, and a host of other things, all for your listening pleasure. The ongoing conversation goes on! The time has come again.

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