The Time Has Come!

Discussions of life and such from lifelong friends. And such.

Episode 067: Long Live the King

Author Stephen King is incredibly important to both Josh and Keith, for similar reasons. This podcast explores the intersection of King’s works with their lives, explores what King means to the world and to the idea of ideas, and also features some VERY DISTURBING MENTAL IMAGERY about popcorn, and the consumption thereof.

Also in this episode: Truck Zoo’s bitter vow of vengeance for the knock-off bootleg SHARK TANK funded copy of its core ideas and concept, and the rankings and virtues of various gravies.

Episode 066: Where Walks the Spotted Eel

Myths, legends, folklore. Where do they come from, and from what circumstances do they arise? Figures who exist in equal parts fantasy and history have been shared dreams of humanity since civilization began, since tales were first told  to circles huddled around the flickering orange-yellow light of campfires.

Robin Hood, Arthur and his knights, the giant Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe… To the Asiatic Balkans and in the dark forests of Mother Russia, fables are whispered of the dread old force for destruction and gain, Baba Yaga, the witch grandmother who will as soon make your fortune as she will grind your bones for her meal.

NOW, the time has come for a new figure, a new legend. Now, with your successful completion of listening to today’s audio podcast, you will know the LEGEND OF THE SPOTTED EEL.

And you won’t be able to *un*know it, failing some kind of ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND memory wiping procedure, which you may well wish for when all is said and done.