The Time Has Come!

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Episode 071: What Rough Beast Slouches Towards Metropolis?

Easter! A time for rebirth, renewal, and awakening. Spring has sprung and chocolate-y eggs dot the newly green grass. That which once was dormant and seemingly gone from the Earth wakes anew and blossoms! But what if it wakes up… different this time?

Poetry gets a bad rep as a thing for sissies and flopsy sleeved dandies. But there’s much to learn from it. In the often quoted Yeats poem “The Second Coming,” he writes:

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

It is a sexy passage: the rise of something hideous and monstrous, now arriving. He’s talking about the rise of the Anti-Good, the time when everything that held together instead now falls apart. Same poem has in it a less quoted part, which is maybe more fitting to the topic at hand in today’s podcast:

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere   
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

See? In four short lines, William Butler Yeats has summed up what we take two hours to do: Describe how fucking horrible BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN was, and why it is a crime and a travesty. Poetry has value. Yeats called it in 1916, a full 100 years before this cinematic abortion was splatted onto the screens and consciousnesses of the American people.

ALSO this episode: Easter! The inconsistent nature of the Easter Bunny mythos and Keith’s… peculiar take on it. Josh’s mother in law’s unpredictable but always perfect responses. And, while we’re at it, mannequins.

But the real meat here is the death of the ideas and ideals of heroism. The mannequins? That’s just our draw.

Episode 070: Birthdays and Family Fun

There is a certain convention of naming that is often seen in cartoons, wherein the big fat guy who pilots the main vehicle is called “Tiny.”A comedic inversion of the reality by plainly stating the converse as simple fact.

That principle MAY be in play with the use of the word “fun” in the title of this episode of The Time Has Come, as it relates to relatives, and relating to them in this modern world of social media and shared virtual spaces.

Learn the secrets of Keith’s sum total of experience in computer programming! See as Josh and Keith try to put the FUN in “dysFUNctional family” with a tale of woe and jockeys. Well, “see” is kind of the wrong verb, as it is all audio.SEE WITH YOUR MIND’S EYE. You know what we mean.

Like any given week on BLOSSOM, this is a *very special episode” of TTHC.

Episode 069: I Found My Thrill On Parmalee Hill

An ever-full cornucopia of wondrous delights awaits you in this episode: The Lovecraftian horror of a misspent high school career in self-plagiarism gives way to a glimpse of the Future-As-Keith-Sees-It, with America’s last president, Donald J. Trump, and an extended exploration on the phenomenon of cosplay, inclusion and exclusion, and the nature of what we grasp for when we set our sights on the fantastic. and who and how we should be as we do so. Many truths are spoken.

Also, Keith chews on Josh’s prize possession for your wicked amusement, and spins a tale of a toy factory that never was, but always should have been, in the mini saga of SPACE SWORD: THE BEGINNING-ING.
But this episode shall be marked by historians and archaeologists of the future for the fact that it reveals to you the origins of a dark and mystic place of legend and wonder. A genteel, southern horrorshow Brigadoon of sorts that exists in the real world as a road sign, but in the realms of imagination as a Never Never  Land of polite terrors and mint juleps, sipped in the warm evening breeze: A place called PARMALEE HILL.

Episode 068: Sinister Clowns and Syrup

“It’s sick out there and getting sicker,” was the catchphrase of radio curmudgeon Bob Grant.  An apt summation of this week’s theme: Josh recalls a hospital tale, with all-too-close proximity to a dying German man and his shrewish wife, Keith recounts a story of a dare that would have been wiser not to have been taken concerning the consumption of an entire bottle of maple syrup, and we learn the dread secret ingredient necessary to spark life back into a senile and wasting old pensioner at a rehabilitation facility.

Also! The first (but certainly not last) fleeting glimpse at a place and an idea that has haunted Keith’s imagination for quite some time:  feel the warm breeze upon your cheek and straighten your bow tie, and join us in the parlor of the pleasant manse known to man and beast alike as PARMALEE HILL, there to discuss matters of the day in most genteel fashion.