BONUS CONTENT: Josh Live in Hartford

Special Bonus: Josh appeared as a featured storyteller at a Connecticut version of THE MOTH RADIO HOUR (kinda; it was an NPR event, but the actual MOTH people turned out to be dicks. So they inserted a “u” in and made it their own.
From Josh’s site:

Being February and close to Valentine’s day, the organizing theme for this, the inaugural kick-off of “The MOuTH” in Hartford, Connecticut, at the amazing Twain House and Museum auditorium, was “stories about love.”

I told the best story about love I know. I hope you all enjoy it.

What you need to know going in: For the first 30 seconds, I make reference to a quotation that was carved into the wall behind me, as a kind of  communication to the audience of “Hey, don’t worry– I’m quick on my feet; look, this observation could not have been pre-planned, so relax a little, secure in the knowledge that the guy with the mic is going to be funny and listen-able to.” The quotation is “There is nothing in the world like a persuasive speech to fuddle the mental apparatus.” But there’s an accidental line through an S in “Persuasive.”


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