The Time Has Come!

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Episode 035: Embargoed!

a note from Josh: 

So here’s the thing: The podcast is a kind of ongoing experiment, right? Conversations, stories, views and back and forths between two friends with a shared interest base and history, a deep and abiding friendship and love for one another, but differing perspectives. And all of this, combining to form these documents and “pieces” that  entertain you on your way to work or wherever it is you listen.

BUT! Sometimes things go in directions we, as a team, are unsure of. Last night was such a night. We did one of two things, Time-Has-Come-Listener:

We either made the best podcast we’ve ever done, perhaps that ANYONE has ever done;  one that will, in the pale and sober light of History itself come to be seen as an uproariously hilarious, no-holds-barred explosion of amazingness where the unsayable found a way to be said, like bending iron bars into impossible shapes and we elevated the idea of tackling controversial subjects without a backward glance, using only Honesty as our guide, regardless of what dark and wondrous caverns it might bring us….

Or we birthed a monstrous and unspeakable audio document that could conceivably see Keith tried for war-crimes in the Hague and one that would cause most of our listeners to curse both our names for the rest of time.

Ultimately, we cannot say which of these things is true. Maybe both.

But this is our decision, for now. For now, we’re embargoing this episode. We’re going to figure out what to do with it, but the risks are too great, the stakes too high. This one, perhaps, is too dangerous for your gentle ears.

But then again, perhaps not. Maybe there will be a way, in the future, for you to get it. We’re just not sure right now.

SO! Here’s the plan. Keith and I are going to record again tonight and put up a different episode tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted on how, or even if, you might be able to get Episode 035 in the future.

Episode 018: The Lost Episode, Gone Forever!

There USED to be an episode here, but after some editorial consideration, we decided that in the grand scheme of things, it would be wiser and better to not have it up. It was recorded with a kind of passion and exuberance, but without, perhaps, the most wisdom or forethought.

It was a part 1 of a 2 part episode sequence, with the 2nd part going up the next day for a special “two in one week” kind of week.

So for a few lucky souls and die-hard fans who managed to listen while it was up, congratulations.  You have scored a rare collectible experience that will be make you the talk of the town when we eventually ascend to our thrones of uber-fame, carried upon the shoulders of our cheering fans in Germany to sit among the stars.

Episode 019, which was the part 2, will now go up. And stay up, too.

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