The Time Has Come!

Discussions of life and such from lifelong friends. And such.

Episode 069: I Found My Thrill On Parmalee Hill

An ever-full cornucopia of wondrous delights awaits you in this episode: The Lovecraftian horror of a misspent high school career in self-plagiarism gives way to a glimpse of the Future-As-Keith-Sees-It, with America’s last president, Donald J. Trump, and an extended exploration on the phenomenon of cosplay, inclusion and exclusion, and the nature of what we grasp for when we set our sights on the fantastic. and who and how we should be as we do so. Many truths are spoken.

Also, Keith chews on Josh’s prize possession for your wicked amusement, and spins a tale of a toy factory that never was, but always should have been, in the mini saga of SPACE SWORD: THE BEGINNING-ING.
But this episode shall be marked by historians and archaeologists of the future for the fact that it reveals to you the origins of a dark and mystic place of legend and wonder. A genteel, southern horrorshow Brigadoon of sorts that exists in the real world as a road sign, but in the realms of imagination as a Never Never  Land of polite terrors and mint juleps, sipped in the warm evening breeze: A place called PARMALEE HILL.

Episode 062: Baby Gorilla Requests Billy Joel

We’re back from Christmas break to ring in the new year. And we’re taking requests. But not taking too kindly to them, really.

This episode: Star Wars, and the ponderous nature of speaking about Star Wars, improvisation mishaps, Keith’s spooky inability to remember or connect to song lyrics or music, DISCO SUCKS and Mods vs. Rockers, and yes, as a special request from our biggest fan: we talk about Billy Joel. Sorta.

Episode 041: Ha ha! Joke’s On You!

April, T.S. Elliot wrote, is the cruelest month.  Fitting then that this, our April Fool’s themed show, is the cruelest podcast. Learn of the kind of grim April Showers that Keith once visited upon an unsuspecting workmate.  Witness an airing of grievances over 20 years in the making! Josh is still relatively certain that Keith has invented the closing details and crafted, in essence, a false Philip K. Dick style memory of it. Keith begs to differ and will, if presented with the opportunity, gut-shoot any and all that says different. Satanic rituals for fun and profit (or at least, just to get the Jehovah’s Witness to LEAVE).

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