Episode 001: Secret Origins and Archvillains

Listen to Episode 001: Secret Origins and Archvillains

What happens when life-long friends get together to talk about stuff and things? Evidently, podcasts. We are Josh Dobbin and Keith Field and we’re here to do a bunch of things. First, and most hopefully, to entertain.

What with this being the first in what will become a long series of long conversations, an explanation of intent might be in order. Why are you doing this, you may wonder? What is “The Time Has Come?” supposed to be, you may ask.

To which my answer would be something approximating the following:

It’s two really good friends talking about a lot of stuff in a way that we hope is entertaining. There’s that.

Second, there’s a selfish ulterior motive. Doing this allows me an excuse to meet with Keith every week and hang out and talk. Right there, I win.

Also there’s something really special about a long form discussion that is hard to come by, outside of podcasts. An intimate depth that isn’t available elsewhere. In news and media, everything is so segmented and packaged; having the space to let stories and conversations breathe is rare.

And finally, I have become fascinated with the magic that happens when you create lasting documents. Written pieces, edited video documents, and now this. A conversation or event that happens is here then gone; the same conversation recorded and archived can become a form of entertainment (maybe even enlightenment) and a treasure years later. I know that any recording I have of my father is precious and priceless, now. I like the idea that one day, years from now, my girls will have these collected and available.

So along the way, while accomplishing these goals, if we also happen to be able to give you something worthwhile to listen to in your earphones that gets you through doing the dishes and folding the laundry (that’s where I listen to podcasts, anyway) then everybody wins.

The time has come. Listen in.

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