Episode 013: I’m In a New York State of Mind

“If I can…make it there…I’ll make it (boom, boom) anywhere; it’s up to you, New York! New York!”

But they didn’t quite make it there. Learn about Josh and Keith’s appearance on the MONTEL WILLIAMS show in the 90s and how Keith (in decidedly UN-Keith like fashion) clammed up when the recording light was lit. Keith tells a harrowing tale of love gone wrong, a dark and unhealthy relationship culminating in a Richard-Lewis-ian “date from hell” as he got caught between the moon and New York City.  But the best he could do, the best that he could do was to spend all his money on a girl who set about to torture him.

Josh’s quasi-mugging (sort of) on the way to the city and his bonding with a particularly whimsical panhandler are also discussed.

It’s a celebration of the greatest city in the world. Sort of.

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