Episode 015: Lost in the Early 90s

Lots of stuff going on: Keith’s preparation for entrance into Pandaria, a shadowy encounter with Naugatuck Sid and then a really open and honest talk about our shared history and finding our way– and more importantly, losing our way– into young adulthood. All with the backdrop of the early 90s, which is a character in the discussion as well.

This is a “very special episode” (Blossom style!) and while we could have broken it up into two parts, we felt it would be best to simply present it in its entirety.  There’s love and loss and pathos and depression, poor decisions and lost wanderings.  And also redemption and goodness after it is all said and done. And, as it always should be for any good story: ninja suits.

To listen in your browser, click the Play triangle or choose “play in pop-up.” If you have iTunes installed on your computer, you can always subscribe (for free) by clicking the purple iTunes button to the right.

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