Episode 036: Howdy, Neighbor!

Josh and Keith talk about the history of moving; what is is to shift from house to house growing up and the attendant excitement, fear, wonder– and, all too often, horror that new spaces bring.

But before that, there’s Oscars and celebrity culture, there’s the stunning reveal of Keith’s utopian form of polygamy he plans in his head for his ideal future life (it involves cages and, at one point in time, it involved star of stage and screen Mecedes Ruehl) and a host of other things.

This episode: Swim in the deeper waters of Keith’s not-cute-crazy-but-CRAZY-crazy grandmother as he takes you on  a journey that begins by living in her house and finds its way back, the wiffleball-bat beatings he endured at the hands of the local children when he went out to play and of a sinister pack of hillbilly villains who were led by a charismatic bearded lady whose will to power and control made her a dark force in Keith’s life, and how it led to the worst $175 he ever earned.

Josh tells stories of moves that were both ill advised and magical and the secret origin of his scarred hand.

A fine time for all.
(Note: This episode clocks in at over 3 hours. In editing it, it became impossible to open and merge the “Walrus and Carpenter” theme song that you have grown accustomed to hearing, so it begins with more of a “cold open.”) 

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