Episode 057: A Drive to Idlewild

There exists a new America. A different America. An America not quite real, not quite yet, but that lies in waiting, if you are brave and bold enough to walk toward it.  An America in potential.

Keith Field’s America. Part plan part vision; is it a mirage on the distant sands to vanish upon fixing on it, like a half-remembered waking dream? Or is it an oasis and a paradise that will become real if only you believe?

This episode of The Time Has Come offers no answers. It only poses the question, and asks you to draw your own conclusion.

This episode: Keith is inadvertently slandered and written out of the book of Life by the press.

And finally, a Twilight-Zone-like true life story. A tale of deception, intrigue, crime and passion we can only call…. A DRIVE TO IDLEWILD.

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