Episode 061: Animals Part 2… Sorta

It’s Garbage Day! A time for celebration, and a time for remembrance.

Learn all about Little Boy Keith Field and his adventures in the time before the DumpSTAIR. (Spoilers: It ends in tears, as all stories about Little Boy Keith Field tend to do.) Josh does battle with a Crazy Old Man(TM) and immortalizes him in song, while Keith sees a hidden truth lurking behind the seeming madness. Keith reveals the secret origin and backstory of the mysterious character at the Widget Factory known only as “The Ninja.”

Also this episode! B-movie figure Ray Dennis Steckler’s RAT FINK A BOO BOO, the 1950s sublimation of homoerotic urges in young men’s dimestore adventure paperbacks and how it gave the world the cinematic gem GYMKATA, and ladies in witch hats doing unspeakable things.

And somewhere, somehow… animals!

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