Episode 063: Patterns. Patterns for Living.

Many things take place this episode. Birthday parties for dogs, the role and bane of nostalgia, THE SIMPSONS and their filthy place in the world of internet vis a vis “RULE 34,” impromptu puppet shows, a vast cardboard city constructed amidst the tension of a newly strained friendship… But all of those things service the larger and more important boon this podcast now brings to your life. An idea, an initiative, a force of nature for righteousness, healing, and goodness, a force that can only be known as PATTERNS: PATTERNS FOR LIVING.

Approach the loom. Don’t be fearful. There is no fear here, no judgment; only a sewing together of that which was separate, but together, becomes a warming and life-embracing quilt, crafted with the thread of time, sewn with the patches of experience.  A life-stitch is about to be added to your quilt. Patterns. Patterns for living.

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