Episode 074: Tap…Tap… Is This Thing On?


In a world gone mad, two old friends reunite in the world’s sweatiest apartment to record a podcast for your wicked amusements.

Keith is back from his sojourn in the spiritually barren wastes of South Dakota, where he underwent many a dark night of the soul, and emerged battered, beaten and robbed of most of his worldly possessions by a pair of Sioux Falls grifters. Battered, beaten, but not broken. And that’s kinda the point of this episode.

It’s about emerging from damaging circumstances with a hard-won understanding and acknowledging one’s own flaws and complicity in those circumstances. But more importantly, it’s about emerging. It’s a new beginning.  And also about the copious amount of perspiration surrounding Keith’s nether regions as we spoke. There is also a delightful story of a pie.

The time has come for more podcasts. Watch this space, but also, listen to this episode. More to come!


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