Episode 013: I’m In a New York State of Mind

“If I can…make it there…I’ll make it (boom, boom) anywhere; it’s up to you, New York! New York!”

But they didn’t quite make it there. Learn about Josh and Keith’s appearance on the MONTEL WILLIAMS show in the 90s and how Keith (in decidedly UN-Keith like fashion) clammed up when the recording light was lit. Keith tells a harrowing tale of love gone wrong, a dark and unhealthy relationship culminating in a Richard-Lewis-ian “date from hell” as he got caught between the moon and New York City.  But the best he could do, the best that he could do was to spend all his money on a girl who set about to torture him.

Josh’s quasi-mugging (sort of) on the way to the city and his bonding with a particularly whimsical panhandler are also discussed.

It’s a celebration of the greatest city in the world. Sort of.

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Episode 012: Breakin’ the Law! Breakin’ the Law!

The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay. The Shadow knows!

But eff the Shadow. Josh and Keith did not know and wanted juuuust a little bite of that fruit at some point, to determine just how bitter it might be. In this episode: On a whim, Keith causes an FBI manhunt, Josh gets busted by the cops for a crime he did not commit (sorta), Keith gets injured doing semi-vandalism (for the kicks, man, for the kicks) and the boys become arrow-thieves. Also: The Goshen Fair and the history of crime it has in the Dobbin family.

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Episode 011: Take This Job and Shove It

In honor of Labor Day, Josh and Keith talk about work and job stories.  You will make a run for the border when Keith explains what secret ingredient once flavored the tacos of Taco Bell, back in the day. Josh shares a first-hand account of when the dotcom bubble went bust.

Also discussed: public bathroom etiquette and the violations thereof and a chilling tale of a young boy who claimed to be the son of Satan himself. (Story also involves poop.)

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Episode 010: FIGHT! FIGHT (Part 2 of 2)

The stunning conclusion to FIGHT! FIGHT! That’s two episodes in one week. Lucky you.

In this episode: Keith’s super-villainous plots against his hapless little brother, Josh “fights” a teacher (sort of, more of a psychic battle than anything else), a snowball fight that goes wrong and Keith bites off more than he can chew and has a deadline to replace a very specific pen for a very tough guy, or else someone is gonna put the DEAD in deadline.

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Episode 009: FIGHT! FIGHT! (Part 1 of 2)

Swinging fists of fury! No quarter asked and none given! Episode 009 is the first of a special two-parter all about ass kicking. Or, as it turns out, having one’s ass kicked. Learn about Keith’s transformation from lovable egghead to towering bully and his rise (and relatively quick fall) as a street fighter.

Josh talks childhood karate classes and explains a little bit of what it was like being the town Jew in rural Oxford in the early 80s. Hint: It involves lots of hitting.

The conversation went long, so this week, on Thursday, the conclusion episode will be posted in its own full-length podcast.

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Episode 008: A Game of Questions

“Whose side are you on?”  
“That would be telling. We want…information. Information. Information.” 

Find out whose side Keith and Josh are on, as they proffer information about themselves: Likes, dislikes, favorite things and all that kind of good stuff, in Episode 008: A Game of Questions!

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Episode 007: Vacation! All I Ever Wanted!

Lights! Adventure! Excitement! Adult Babies! Family-destroying traumatic fights and misery! The stuff vacation memories are made of.

Join Josh and Keith as they recount vacations past: Josh’s experience as an unattended minor en route to a Miami Beach condo full of old Jews. Keith’s family camping outings and pilgrimages to Disney (interrupted by time-share seminars and strife) . Josh’s poor luck with airports and flights and his pre-9/11 near arrests at both for suspected terrorism.  What happens in Vegas DOES NOT STAY in Vegas as Keith reveals what almost bankrupted him and his store. (Hint: It involves boobs.)

The time has come once more for you to listen in.

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Episode 006: The Scariest Podcast. Horror and Nasty

Wanna see something really scary? Well, you’re out of luck, as this is an audio podcast, after all. But if you want to hear some scary stuff– haunted toys and inexplicable acts of clairvoyance regarding vampire lore, near-misses with rapists and killers and armed robbers, along with more than you ever needed to know about the grindhouse horror industry of the 70s, then you are in luck.

Keith and Josh go over the stuff that scared and scares them; nightmares and images, events and ideas. The time has come for you to listen in!

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Episode 005: Cruel, Cruel Summer


Summer spectacular! Summer movies! Summer jobs! Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime.

In this episode, Keith tells a tale of summer employment that will physically hurt you with laughter, or your money back.

The statute of limitations is expired on Josh’s once upon a summer-crimes and he comes clean on his former Robin-Hood-esque campaign against The Man(TM).  Thrills, chills, action and adventure awaits you for the downloading.

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Episode 004: There is No Grown Up Anywhere


In which Josh and Keith recount their struggles against The Man(tm) and Josh reveals his grand unifying theory of all human interaction. Along the way, they dissect and discuss early 90s faux-rap, Keith’s disappointment  with the new Spider-Man movie and his plans to wed Emma Stone, there’s something approaching grand theft and Josh demonstrates his ability to quote verbatim from ENTER THE DRAGON at great length. A fine time is had by all.

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Episode 003: Drive By Ketchup Attacks and Adventure

in which Josh recounts the fashion vagaries of jew-camp and how he resolved to be a pirate, lives through a terrible 80s movie with no redeeming slow-clap, Keith recounts his time as both hero and villain and the boys come clean about Dungeons and Dragons and the early days of Live Action Roleplaying.


Episode 002: Caught in a Bad Romance

In which Keith looks for love in all the wrong places– including a crappy barbecue joint and a graveyard– and Josh reveals himself as a serial coward. This episode is full of tales of love letters, death defying miracles and shame. Lots and lots of shame. But it all works out in the end.

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Episode 001: Secret Origins and Archvillains

Listen to Episode 001: Secret Origins and Archvillains

What happens when life-long friends get together to talk about stuff and things? Evidently, podcasts. We are Josh Dobbin and Keith Field and we’re here to do a bunch of things. First, and most hopefully, to entertain.

What with this being the first in what will become a long series of long conversations, an explanation of intent might be in order. Why are you doing this, you may wonder? What is “The Time Has Come?” supposed to be, you may ask.

To which my answer would be something approximating the following:

It’s two really good friends talking about a lot of stuff in a way that we hope is entertaining. There’s that.

Second, there’s a selfish ulterior motive. Doing this allows me an excuse to meet with Keith every week and hang out and talk. Right there, I win.

Also there’s something really special about a long form discussion that is hard to come by, outside of podcasts. An intimate depth that isn’t available elsewhere. In news and media, everything is so segmented and packaged; having the space to let stories and conversations breathe is rare.

And finally, I have become fascinated with the magic that happens when you create lasting documents. Written pieces, edited video documents, and now this. A conversation or event that happens is here then gone; the same conversation recorded and archived can become a form of entertainment (maybe even enlightenment) and a treasure years later. I know that any recording I have of my father is precious and priceless, now. I like the idea that one day, years from now, my girls will have these collected and available.

So along the way, while accomplishing these goals, if we also happen to be able to give you something worthwhile to listen to in your earphones that gets you through doing the dishes and folding the laundry (that’s where I listen to podcasts, anyway) then everybody wins.

The time has come. Listen in.