Podcast 043: Roommate. Room Hate.

Laverne and Shirley, Kip and Henry, Lenny and Squiggy. They all lied to us from the TV screen. Roommate situations don’t always create true and lasting bonds of camaraderie and friendship to stand the test of the ages and teach us all a little something about life and love.

Sometimes, they just end in stewing pots of resentment and create pockets of pus-filled rage in the skin of our lives, waiting to be lanced and erupt their foul ichor onto whomever squeezes too hard on the memory.  Learn of secrets of a girl Keith refers only to as “Chainmail Coif,” and how her sound of distress can still summon righteous rage in him so many years later. Find out about the dirty business of Josh’s football playing roommates and their very gay obsession with not being gay, by doing very gay things with one another.

But most of all, find out about the arrogant Israeli who condescended to EVERYONE (but especially Keith) and stole Keith’s porn.

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