Episode 075: The Final Frontier


We are more than the sum total of what we consume and our identity is not predicated on that which we reject. This is a lesson some years in the making for Keith, but it is a trap we all fall into very often. Crafting a persona based on hating a thing that others like, or rejecting THIS because you’re all about THAT. But old habits die hard.

Being aware of Keith’s new-found and more open perspective, Josh made the mistake of trying to encourage him to watch HAMILTON. It did not go well. Still in all, this episode finds that RISK is indeed our business, as the world’s newest, oldest Star Trek fan is revealed.  Not that it is revolutionary for two aging nerds to opine on all matters STAR TREK in a podcast, but we come at it from what will hopefully be a unique angle.

Also this episode, a hero emerges from the shadows of the past, to offer guidance and light the way through these dark and altogether uncertain times  so wracked with division and contention. He also is very concerned that you do not contaminate your canned pasta with sex-juices. It’s a whole thing.

These are the podcast adventures of the recording project TIME HAS COME. It’s two hour mission… to explore new and unexamined perspectives… to seek out new ideas and build new things… to NOT MIX JIZZUM WITH BEEF-A-RONI! 

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