Episode 009: FIGHT! FIGHT! (Part 1 of 2)

Swinging fists of fury! No quarter asked and none given! Episode 009 is the first of a special two-parter all about ass kicking. Or, as it turns out, having one’s ass kicked. Learn about Keith’s transformation from lovable egghead to towering bully and his rise (and relatively quick fall) as a street fighter.

Josh talks childhood karate classes and explains a little bit of what it was like being the town Jew in rural Oxford in the early 80s. Hint: It involves lots of hitting.

The conversation went long, so this week, on Thursday, the conclusion episode will be posted in its own full-length podcast.

To listen in your browser, click the triangle to play, or choose “Play in Popup” or download the MP3 file. If you’ve got an iPhone or iPod, you can always subscribe (free!) via iTunes with the purple iTunes button to the right. 

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