Episode 007: Vacation! All I Ever Wanted!

Lights! Adventure! Excitement! Adult Babies! Family-destroying traumatic fights and misery! The stuff vacation memories are made of.

Join Josh and Keith as they recount vacations past: Josh’s experience as an unattended minor en route to a Miami Beach condo full of old Jews. Keith’s family camping outings and pilgrimages to Disney (interrupted by time-share seminars and strife) . Josh’s poor luck with airports and flights and his pre-9/11 near arrests at both for suspected terrorism. ¬†What happens in Vegas DOES NOT STAY in Vegas as Keith reveals what almost bankrupted him and his store. (Hint: It involves boobs.)

The time has come once more for you to listen in.

Click the “Play” triangle to listen online, or choose “Play in popup.” Or, if you have an iPod or iPhone, subscribe via iTunes with the purple iTunes button to the right.

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