Episode 019: Sock It To Me With Some Probing Questions

Philip K. Dick once said, “It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”

If he was right, then we have met some people who had very appropriate responses to reality. In this episode, Josh and Keith talk about crazy people. Bad crazy and weird crazy and sometimes just crazy-crazy.

The statute of limitations is up, and we open up the book of the past to the chapter on the maddest of mad men we have known: A chemistry teacher who referred to himself as “Jimmy B the Bumblebee” who would assail captive desk-bound students with rambling and manic rants, then eat sticks of chalk for the wicked amusement of the class.

Learn about how Keith got stuck in a group of bona-fide crazies and his (backfired) attempt to do a good deed for a fellow human being in seeming dire need.  All this and more.

As Seal has told us: “We’re never gonna survive unless we go a little crazy.” And as Michael Keaton has told us in Batman, after he stuck a chafing dish down his shirt: “You wanna get nuts? C’MON! LET’S GET NUTS!”

Let’s get nuts indeed. Listen in.

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