Episode 020: Star Wars, Nothing But Staaaar Wars

Hot on the heels of Disney announcing the purchase of the STAR WARS franchise from wicked and chinless George Lucas, Josh and Keith sit down to talk about something from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Their STAR WARS memories and thoughts; what it was to live through STAR WARS as it came out, as kids, and growing up with it as a presence in their life.

Learn how little-boy Keith cried like a baby at the first aired commercial and his lunatic grandmother’s attempts to soothe him! Josh meets Mark Hamill at a Dukakis Rally in the 80s!

This episode is something revolutionary, never before seen or heard on the internet: TWO GUYS WHO KNOW A LOT ABOUT COMIC BOOKS, TALKING ABOUT STAR WARS. Ladies, please attempt to restrain your urges to throw your panties, Tom-Jones-style, at your speakers or iPod.

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