Episode 070: Birthdays and Family Fun

There is a certain convention of naming that is often seen in cartoons, wherein the big fat guy who pilots the main vehicle is called “Tiny.”A comedic inversion of the reality by plainly stating the converse as simple fact.

That principle MAY be in play with the use of the word “fun” in the title of this episode of The Time Has Come, as it relates to relatives, and relating to them in this modern world of social media and shared virtual spaces.

Learn the secrets of Keith’s sum total of experience in computer programming! See as Josh and Keith try to put the FUN in “dysFUNctional family” with a tale of woe and jockeys. Well, “see” is kind of the wrong verb, as it is all audio.SEE WITH YOUR MIND’S EYE. You know what we mean.

Like any given week on BLOSSOM, this is a *very special episode” of TTHC.

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