Episode 072: Taste The Rainbow

Here’s what I think is important about this episode, in a “One to grow on” kind of way.

In a time of instantly mobilized outrage on the left and right, where disagreement equals offense,and the idea that someone may hold thoughts, sensibilities, world-views and perspectives in their head that do not comport with yours is considered painful and hurtful, this conversation stands as testament to a completely opposite idea. The idea that friends– real friends, who love and care about each other– can honestly hold totally different viewpoints, and not be friends *despite* this, but in many ways, because of it.

There’s a childish, parochial stance, spread like contagion on social media, that those who don’t instantly tow whatever line you hold must be THE ENEMY and mocked, meme’d, blocked, called out, unfriended and all that. It’s an 8th grade lunchroom clique mentality. We at The Time Has Come don’t subscribe to it.

Conversation and debate and exchange of views is what people do.

So long as they agree on the essential, fundamentals in life: That when you encounter a lolling eyed crazy mogwai, you MUST snap the little thing’s neck.

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