Episode 076: HECTOR, NO!

The great poet Robbie Burns once said that the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang-aft-a-gley. Which is a classy Scottish way for saying “get fucked up.”
Here’s a little peek behind the curtain into how the magic happens at THE TIME HAS COME studios: Josh and Keith will hang out for a bit, get the computer set up to record, and go over a loose plan of a topic to eventually settle upon for the episode, so that it has some sort of thematic arc to it. From there, it’s a freeform conversation that goes where it goes, with a mind to somehow wind it’s way topic-ward.

That was the plan for this episode, but that plan gang-aft-a-gley’d in the most delightful and horrific way. Equal parts delightful and horrific.

You see, for this taping, the whimsical character of Little Boy Boyardee, the waif who would become chef to a nation, Hector Boyardee, hailed and lauded as a hero for the ages in our previous episode, took a dark and unexpected turn.

GASP! in amazement and surprise as his villainy is revealed!
CHOKE! back tears of laughter and revulsion!
MARVEL! at the sinister and reality-bending nature of dastardly time travel and skulduggery!
SPEND! somewhere around an hour and forty minutes exploring an episode we can only call….


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