Episode 78: Tears for a Baked Midget

What’s in a name? William Shakespeare seemed to think “not much,” in that a rose by any other name would still be rose-flavored. But he was kind of a dick who wrote a play about an evil Jew, hellbent for leather on carving out a section of Christian flesh from the belly of a guy who owed him money.

We tend to think in more Old Testament terms; that the power granted to Mankind was the power of naming…. And the power granted to America’s Favorite Boy, Keith Charles Field, is the power of NICKNAMING. Like a carpenter whose own home is left unmended, Keith reveals his secret longing for a true nickname, and the hateful ones saddled on him by classmates.

Also: The delightful casual racism of the 1960s DICK TRACY cartoon, the dread fate of a criminal midget of an indeterminate name at the hands of his grotesque bride and the worst idea for a crisis hotline to ever be recorded in audio format. IN THIS EPISODE: You will hear a genuine and real-life, honest to goodness, THREE’S COMPANY Jack Tripper style **SPIT TAKE** as Josh makes the ill-advised move to sip a cold beverage while Keith is in full swing.

Laugh along with Josh and Keith as they lose it, Harvey Korman/Tim Conway style, but also cry… cry¬† tears for a baked midget.

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