Father’s Day 2021: Two Pictures of My Dad

Every Father’s Day, I usually share a storytelling event story I did a while back, about my dad. The story I tell there is one part of three, from a thing I wrote, shortly after he died, called “Three Pictures of My Dad.”

But this past year, over the pandemic, I’ve been sharing stories with a friend and I find it to be a really good thing to do. To share stories, as people.

And it occurs to me that I should maybe “tell” the other two pictures, there in that work. So here they are.

If you have the time, I’d absolutely love to know that you listened to them, to know that the idea of Joel Dobbin managed to animate a bunch of thoughts in the world, these 12 years after he left it.

If you knew him and loved him, I hope these little “audio portraits” bring back the reality of him to you, for just a little bit. You can kind of see him, there in your mind’s eye and hear his voice and identity assert itself in the narrative. Trust me, it’s always nice when he “shows up” like that.

If you DIDN’T know him, but love me, then please– listen. By the end, I’m pretty sure you will love him and wish you did know him. He was a really good dad.

Happy Father’s Day, everybody.


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